Spinal Cord Injuries Can Have Devastating Consequences

Spinal cord and neurological injuries are the worst-case-scenario for survivors of serious vehicle accidents. These types of injuries dramatically alter the lives of victims, and their families, in ways that may seem unimaginable prior to a catastrophic accident.

At Del Rio & Carichoff, Sacramento Personal Injury and Accident law firm, we know that there is no easy way for victims and their loved ones to cope with the ramifications of serious spinal cord injuries. However, our legal team has made it our mission to advocate for the rights of victims of spinal cord injuries and to secure the maximum compensation to which they are entitled.

Spinal cord injuries (SCI) occur when a sudden impact damages the nerves in the vertebrae. Once these nerves are damaged, they can no longer carry the electrical impulses from the brain to the spinal column that are necessary for feeling and movement in the limbs.

Spinal cord injuries often do not involve an actual break or severing of the spinal cord. In fact, it is much more common that small fractures, compressions, or displacements of vertebrae will end up causing symptoms of SCI.

The type and severity of spinal cord injuries following catastrophic accidents is difficult to predict, and a great deal of research is still being conducted on the subject. However, we do know that spinal cord injuries can take many forms depending on how the accident took place, the age of the victim, and many other factors. Just as no two humans are identical, spinal injuries can have drastically different and unpredictable effects on their victims, even if the circumstances of the injury were similar.

The four main types of SCI include:

  1. Partial Paraplegia: A condition which affects the legs and lower body only. In cases of partial or incomplete paraplegia, some motor and sensory functions in the legs and feet may remain.
  2. Complete Paraplegia: Full loss of all sensory and motor function below the waist.
  3. Partial Tetraplegia: Tetraplegia affects all four limbs of the body and well as the torso. Cases of incomplete tetraplegia sometimes allow for partial motor functions in the limbs.
  4. Complete Tetraplegia: Full loss of feeling and motor functions below the neck.

It is estimated that there are currently around 276,000 Americans living with SCI, and approximately 12,500 new cases emerge every year. A majority of these new cases are caused by car accidents.

The three leading causes of SCI are:

  1. Auto Accidents (38%)
  2. Falls (30%)
  3. Gunshot wounds or other violence (14%)

For survivors of these types of catastrophic injuries, the costs of living with an SCI can be astronomical. Depending on the severity of the injury and the age at which it is sustained, the costs for treatment, medication, and medical equipment can multiply quickly and without warning.

Average lifetime costs of living with an injury causing full or partial paraplegia:

  • SCI suffered by age 25: $2,221,596
  • SCI suffered by age 50: $1,457,967

This rates are even higher for more severe conditions such as tetraplegia. A vast majority of Americans would be totally unable to handle these types of expenses on their own, which is why you need an experienced legal team on your side that can deal with the insurance companies and secure the maximum compensation for your serious injuries.

At Del Rio & Carichoff, Sacramento Auto Accident and Personal Injury law firm, we are dedicated to advocating for the rights of our clients. You should not be held financially responsible for the costs of an injury that was not your fault. Consult with our expert legal team today and we will help you understand your rights and options as a victim.

If you have been a victim of a catastrophic vehicle accident, or any other type of serious injury, that resulted in full or partial para or tetraplegia, consult these resources for SCI treatment in California and call the compassionate, experienced Spinal Cord Injury lawyers of Del Rio & Carichoff. Our legal team will discuss your case for FREE and help you understand your options and best legal strategy.

Our firm handles all cases on a contingency basis. That means if there is no recovery, there are no attorney's fees. At Del Rio & Carichoff, we don't get paid until you get paid.


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