Sexual Harassment - Know Your Rights

Imagine having to go to work in an environment that is uncomfortable, stressful or dangerous. Sexual harassment in the work place is a serious breach, and many victims do not take action for fear of losing their jobs or the stigma of being associated with this type of situation.

Sexual harassment is serious and victims suffer drastically; emotionally, mentally and, in the worst-case scenarios, physically. There is no place for harassment in the work environment, and if you or a loved one are experiencing any inappropriate actions at work, by a co-worker or a top level executive, there are certain steps to take to protect your right to a safe work environment.

In 2012, a female California resident won $168 million in a sexual harassment suit against a Sacramento based hospital; possibly the largest employment verdict for a single employee in U.S. history.

According to, California and Federal law defines sexual harassment as unwanted sexual conduct of two main types: quid pro quo harassment and hostile environment harassment.

Quid Pro Quo Harassment: This occurs when your job security only exists if you submit to unwanted sexual advances. This is the "if you want to keep your job, you better have sex with me."

Hostile Environment Harassment: This is the more frequent example of sexual harassment. It generally occurs when the employee's work environment is made hostile or abusive by sexual misconduct.

Examples of sexual harassment include:

– Unwanted sexual advances or propositions
– Verbal Conduct: derogatory comments about a person's body, appearance or sexual activity
– Physical Conduct: assault or any physical interference
– Inappropriate or offensive gestures

Furthermore, according to the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), employees are protected if they notify superiors or human resources through verbal or written notice, documenting the sexual harassment; meaning, one cannot be fired if he/she has submitted a sexual harassment complaint.

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